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feat. Lina Nyberg • Nico Lohmann • Silke Eberhard

Birgitta Flick Quartett feat Lina Nyberg • Nico Lohmann • Silke Eberhard

Lina Nyberg // voc
Nico Lohmann // altsax, flutes
Silke Eberhard // bcl
Birgitta Flick // tensax, composition
Andreas Schmidt // p
Andreas Edelmann // b (recordings)
James Banner // b
Max Andrzejewski // dr

recorded and mixed by Walter Quintus

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“Stilla och vackert, bräkigt och öronöppnande. Ett av årets album, inom såväl jazz- som folkmusik.”
“Calm and beautiful, jarring and exhilarating. One of this year’s albums, both in Jazz as well as in Folk.” — Bengt Eriksson, Kristianstadsbladet, May 7, 2016

“With her creative merging of many elements and inspirations Berlin-based Birgitta Flick succeeded in creating a multilayered, touching and calmly flickering soundscape of a very special Northern world.” — concerto (Austria), 5/2016

“Dalarna is a region in central Sweden, north of Stockholm, where Birgitta Flick has found fascinating pastoral songs and hymns. With her septet she changes them into something completely new: Sometimes the three horns and the voice are entwined in an elegic-pastoral way, sometimes the approach becomes quite experimental.” — Rolf Thomas, Jazz thing 4/2016

“Birgitta Flick has created an archaic and emotional suite out of her experience with the folk music of that region. (…) Especially for her horn players Flick has written interesting parts, compact and “through-composed” melodies in layers face collective improvisation. The network of polyphone music with the unusual use of the voice would already be exciting without the historic and geographic reference. It adds an additional dimension to the CD that many of the original melodies, collected by Birgitta Flick as onset for her pieces, are part of the long musical tradition of Dalarna.” — Angela Ballhorn, Jazzthetik 5/2016

“Breathing the spirit of the rural Swedish way of life, her compositions resonate poetry of written works that Flick uses merely as blueprint to adapt it respectfully to her own variety of artistic expression. Out of that a contemplative sound sphere develops that rests in itself and pursues clear outlines whereas its authenticity even in freely improvised and powerful passages is never lost.” — Detlef A. Ott, Jazzpodium 5/2016

#1349 『Birgitta Flick Quartet feat. Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann, Silke Eberhard / Dalarna』

Birgitta Flick Quartet, feat. Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann, Silke Eberhard: Dalarna

“An excellent tenor-saxophonist based in Berlin, Birgitta Flick has an original sound on her horn, not sounding like any of her historical predecessors.” — Scott Yanow about “Yingying”

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September 1, Gemeinschaftshaus Lichtenrade, Berlin
September 16, Saxstall Pohrsdorf
December 17, bflat, Berlin

Past concerts (selection)

XJazz Festival, Berlin, 2017
Sweden Tour, supported by the Goethe-Institut, 2016
Umeå Jazz Studio – Sveriges Radio recording / Fasching, Stockholm
(feat. Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann, Silke Eberhard)
Club Voltaire/Jazz-Initiative, Frankfurt am Main, 2016
Jazzwoche Burghausen (feat. Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann, Gebhard Ullmann), 2016
Dussmann KulturKaufhaus, 2016

Universität Rostock, talk-concert at congress “Macht und Reflexion”, 2015
Jazz in den Ministergärten, Berlin, 2014
XJazz Festival, Berlin, 2014
Jazz an der Lohmühle, Berlin, 2013
In Spirit, Berlin, 2013
Jazz Units, Berlin 2012
Winterjazz Brelingen, 2012

The quartet was initiated by the Berlin based saxophone player and composer Birgitta Flick – as a band that should be clearly shaped by her compositional voice and at the same time approach this music as freely and open as possible and from a really improvisatory perspective. 

Together with producer Walter Quintus the quartet recorded in 2012 the music  for their first CD „Yingying“ at fattoria musica near Osnabrück, Germany – “Yingying”,  released in June 2013 on Double Moon is part of the Jazz thing “Next Generation” series. 

Birgitta’s music often shows her love for the language and traditional music of Sweden that she got to know while she lived in Stockholm.
In 2011/2012 a grant of the City of Berlin enabled her to research Swedish traditional music with its various forms, ages and instruments. This led to a suite of compositions for a septet consisting of the Birgitta Flick Quartett, Swedish singer Lina Nyberg and the Berlin based reed players Nico Lohmann and Silke Eberhard. 

Most fascinating for Birgitta was the old pastoral music and chorals from the region of Dalarna. So an old „vallåt“ found its way into the music, together with different versions of an old choral from Dalarna or the „Stinalåten“, a melody Karin Edvardsson Johannson often took as a basis for her „kulning“.

Also recorded by Walter Quintus this suite with the quartet and its three guest musicians was released in April 2016 on Double Moon Records!

photo: © Natascha Protze