Fall 2021

In the late summer and fall of 2021 you could find Birgitta traveling intensely – mostly between Berlin and Stockholm and throughout Sweden with Sebastian Voegler, Mauritz & Max Agnas, Elaria Orchestra and Pål Nyberg’s Ensemble, but also all over Berlin and to different parts of Germany with (and to) amongst other Antje Rößeler, Lisa Hoppe, the Birgitta Flick quartet and Lisa Stick. Also virtual traveling occurred, such as with a lecture recital at The Arc Project Online Festival. Find links to more details in the Calendar (and the archive there).

Besides Birgitta herself, also two of Birgitta’s larger pieces traveled:
On September 1, Webungen (that Birgitta had written for LUX:NM in the spring of 2021 and that had gone on a first virtual trip to Landau then) has started it’s “physical” journey and unfolding with the premiere at LUX:NM’s “nets-loops-cells” concert at Kesselhaus in Berlin – performed by great LUX:NM and with Florian Japp’s inspiring video to the piece.

On November 21, nearly two years after the premiere in Stockholm, Birgitta’s piece LYSSNA could finally be played at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin in the framework of the InSpirit series, supported by the senate of Berlin. Read more about the piece and the wonderful musicians involved here (video material coming soon!):

Performances of Webungen & LYSSNA in 2022: See Calendar!

Virtual Traveling with Birgitta:
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