Spring 2019

New Compositions
As part of her composition studies at KMH in Stockholm Birgitta has written new music for different ensembles – amongst others a duo for NEUE that was premiered at Svensk Musikvår 2019 and a septet based on the text of psalm 139 as part of LjudOljud at KMH.
Svensk Musikvår
More information coming soon…
New Recordings
Birgitta was guest saxophonist for Cajsa Zerhouni’s new album that will be released on Do Records in the fall of 2019 (and was recorded in the beginning of May 2019 at Kingside Studios near Stockholm).
On May 2019 Agustin Strizzi’s new EP will be released – this will be celebrate this with a concert at Artist Homes in Berlin on May 17, 2019!
New Reviews
There is a new review on of “Malita-Malika” that Birgitta and Carol Liebowitz released in 2018 on Leo Records:

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