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Duo w/Antje Rößeler, streamed concert

Hannover, Tonhalle

Summer 2020

As many other cultural activities right now, also many of the musical events Birgitta would have been involved in this summer had to be postponed due to the measures against the corona virus, including the summer jazz series InSpirit at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche as well as the performance of Birgitta’s composition LYSSNA there and at Saint Peter’s Church in New York City.
Nevertheless, other concerts are happening, of course adapted to the momentary possibilities. You can find all live dates at
Also, you can still watch the two streaming concerts that Birgitta has played in May 2020 on Youtube:
Duo w/ Antje Rößeler at Greve-Studio (Berlin, May 30)
Duo w/ Marcel Krömker at his Kunsttresor series (Berlin, May 18)

Spring 2020

Now you can find a short presentation and also a longer video from the premiere of LYSSNA on February 1, 2020 at Adolf Fredriks kyrka on the website of KMH and the KMH youtube channel:
LYSSNA-video (video from premiere w/ Vokalensemblen i Sundbyberg, Sofia Lärkfors, Eva Lindal, Ragnhild Kvist, Simon Skogh, Martin Edin, Mauritz Agnas, Sebastian Voegler, Birgitta Flick, direction: Rikard Lindberg Karlsson)
LYSSNA (presentation video)
Also, the longer video is part of the virtual festival of Women in Jazz-festival in Halle:
LYSSNA at Women in Jazz

Momentary situation
Due to the momentary situation with the Corona virus all concerts are cancelled for the upcoming weeks. Nevertheless you can listen to Birgitta’s music on the records you can find listed on this website (and that you can get either directly form her or the record labels or from any CD shop) or by watching different live videos – besides LYSSNA e.g. the video to the most recent quartet album of the quartet, „Color Studies“:
Birgitta Flick Quartett „Color Studies“
Alternatively you can also ask Birgitta for sheet music to her compositions.

Winter 2020

On February 1, 2020 Birgitta’s composition LYSSNA for choir and octet was premiered at a service at Adolf Fredriks kyrka in Stockholm by Vokalensemblen i Sundbyberg and Sofia Lärkfors (voc), Eva Lindal (v), Ragnhild Kvist (vio), Simon Skogh (tb), Mauritz Agnas (b), Sebastian Voegler (dr), Martin Edin (p) and Birgitta. The premiere was part of JUBILATE, Stockholms stift annual church music festival and was result of a cooperation of ESAIM project of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) and Stockholms stift. The piece is Birgitta’s exam project for her master studies at KMH.
LYSSNA will also be performed at Saint Peter’s church in New York City and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin. More details are to follow as soon as the momentary situation with the Corona Virus allows for it.

LYSSNA is a composition in seven parts to verses of the biblical psalms 39 & 40. LYSSNA means listening in English and this is also the common thread that connects both psalms. Words of the 7th (6th)verse of psalm 40 become the central theme: „Du har lärt mig att lyssna“ – „mine ears hast thou opened“.
As a musician listening is the key to all musical communication and action. Listening and intuition in-the-moment lead the way and are the common source that make me understand composition and improvisation as part of the same musical flow, although having another relation to time.
And so listening is what makes my composition LYSSNA permeable for free improvisation as well as influences from Gregorian chant and old Swedish chorals.

LYSSNA is dedicated to Martin Klenk.

Fall 2019

New CDs and new Reviews
Birgitta is guest saxophonist and guest composer for Cajsa Zerhouni’s and Antje Rößeler’s new CDs.

Cajsa Zerhouni „Estuary“ (Do Music)
Cajsa Zerhouni
Swedish magazine Lira about „Estuary“

Antje Rößeler Stockholm Trio (WismART)
Antje Rößeler

Additionally, you can find a new review by Roger Bergner in the current print issue of Swedish „Orkesterjournalen“ about Color Studies, the Birgitta Flick quartet’s latest CD and „Malita-Malika“, the duo album with Carol Liebowitz!

New composition project: LYSSNA
Soon there will be more information about Birgitta’s current composition project for choir and a chamber ensemble in Stockholm, as part of her composition master studies at KMH.

Summer 2019

11th Summer Jazz Series InSpirit at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin
July 4-August 29, 2019, every Thursday, 9 pm

Spring 2019

New Compositions
As part of her composition studies at KMH in Stockholm Birgitta has written new music for different ensembles – amongst others a duo for NEUE that was premiered at Svensk Musikvår 2019 and a septet based on the text of psalm 139 as part of LjudOljud at KMH.
Svensk Musikvår
More information coming soon…
New Recordings
Birgitta was guest saxophonist for Cajsa Zerhouni’s new album that will be released on Do Records in the fall of 2019 (and was recorded in the beginning of May 2019 at Kingside Studios near Stockholm).
On May 2019 Agustin Strizzi’s new EP will be released – this will be celebrate this with a concert at Artist Homes in Berlin on May 17, 2019!
New Reviews
There is a new review on of „Malita-Malika“ that Birgitta and Carol Liebowitz released in 2018 on Leo Records:

Winter 2018/19

Downbeat Editor’s Pick / Downbeat Reviews
Carol Liebowitz‘ and Birgitta’s duo CD „Malita-Malika“ that was released on Leo Records this year is chosen as an „Editor’s Pick“ for November 2018 in the online part of Downbeat Magazine.
Here you can find the whole review: Downbeat
And furthermore -a review of „Color Studies“, the Birgitta Flick Quartet’s new CD, is part of the February issue of Downbeat!

2018 NPR Jazz Critics Poll/Jazz Journalists Association „Best of Jazz 2018“ Poll
„Malita-Malika“ was chosen by Hrayr Attarian in his list as one of Top Ten Jazz Recordings in the 2018 NPR JAZZ CRITICS POLL as well as the JAZZ JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION “Best of Jazz 2018” POLL.

Portrait and story in the new issues of Sonic and Jazz thing
In the new Sonic you can find a portrait of Birgitta by Christina Bauer and Rolf Thomas wrote a story about Birgitta and the releases of this year for Jazz thing.
Jazz thing

Fall 2018

CD Release Color Studies by Birgitta Flick Quartet on October 5th! Thanks to the Initiative Musik gGmbH for the support!

New video announcing the CD:

Summer 2018

Malita-Malika by Carol Liebowitz / Birgitta Flick Duo released on Leo Records!

First Reviews: Press

New Records by Carol Liebowitz / Birgitta Flick Duo and Birgitta Flick Quartet coming soon!
„Pre-release“ concert with the Birgitta Flick Quartet:

Jazz im MiM, August 30, 2018, 19.30, Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin

10th Summer Jazz Series InSpirit at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin
June 28-August 30, 2018, every Thursday, 9 pm

Spring 2018

Concert Tours 
Musical collaborations in Saudi-Arabia with musicians of the Birgitta Flick Quartet from Berlin and musicians from Riyadh // Concerts with Carol Liebowitz/Andy/Fite/Eva Lindal/Anna Lindal in Stockholm, Göteborg & Berlin
Live Video from Brötz with Eva Lindal/Carol Liebowitz
Glimpse from the concert at King Fahad Cultural Centre Riyadh

New CDs in production
A new Birgitta Flick Quartet CD and a duo CD with pianist and singer Carol Liebowitz from New York will be released in the summer and in the fall. More information to follow!
Here you can listen to both bands:
Birgitta Flick Quartet
Carol Liebowitz/Birgitta Flick Duo

Winter 2017/18

Winter 2017/18

The new album will be released on January 26 by WismART!

We have been in the studio to record our new CD! More information coming soon!

Fall 2017

Fall 2017
New York City
From mid-october to mid-november 2017 you can find me in New York City where I am working on an improvisation project with pianist Carol Liebowitz.

The new album „Flickstick“ is finished – and will be released in January 2018 on WismART. On November 18 Flickstick will present the album at a „pre-release concert“ in Wismar! The concert is part of the workshop for saxophone groups that takes place in Wismar every year.

Spring/Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017
Summer Jazz series IN SPIRIT at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin
July 6 – August 31, every Thursday, 21.00

New Videos
Nico Lohmann Quintett at Jazzahead 2017
Agustin Strizzi | Tres Cantos de lemanja (M. Nobre)

Winter 2016/17

Winter 2016/2017
Flickstick album recording in January 2017 // Release September 2017 on WIsmART
We have been in the studio for our new album! Walter Quintus recorded us in Osnabrück at Fattoria Musica. More information & tour dates soon here…

Birgitta Flick Quartet feat. Lina Nyberg • Nico Lohmann• Silke Eberhard in Sweden!
I‘m very happy to announce our concerts at Jazzstudio Umeå on December 1 and at Fasching in Stockholm on December 4, 2016, supported by the Goethe-Institut.

 Also, there are new videos online with music from our “Dalarna“ release concert at the A-Trane (Berlin) in May 2016. You can find them here:
NEW VIDEOS // Birgitta Flick Quartet feat. Lina Nyberg • Nico Lohmann • Silke Eberhard